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We excel at projects where mediocrity is not an option.

Branding & marketing

It takes more than words to convey an effective marketing or PR message.


Our team has been selected to translate presidential writings. We maintain a sharp focus on the U.S. and Chinese markets that allows us to translate your message creatively with cultural sensitivity.

Patents & technical

A deep understanding of science and technology is our forte.


We have provided highly technical translation for the most demanding clients, including top-ranking IP law firms. Our team also includes certified and seasoned interpreters familiar with patent litigation proceedings at federal courts and the International Trade Commission. 

Legal & Finance

We have been vetted by prestigious financial institutions and Tier 1 law firms.

From macroeconomic policies to investor presentations, from court decisions to business contracts, our team has provided accurate translation to satisfied clients—with fast turnaround when necessary.

Meetings & negotiations

Interpreting gets business done.

The ability to translate spoken words (i.e. interpret) are not the same as skills to translate written words. We have it, too, as attested by experience in providing interpreting services for business negotiations, diplomatic meetings, and international conferences.

Translation technology

​We are more than experts in words.

You have heard about machine translation. We have researched it as well as other translation-related technologies. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask about technology and how it can be used to better serve you.

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